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Chip Kidd: Alive in 3D

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Fine Arts Student Association brought Chip Kidd to IU as a visiting lecturer. I met him before his lecture, and was already in awe of his talent and kindness. I helped him get the technology ready, in the largest lecture hall in Fine Arts. Once he started speaking, his humorous story telling, immediately caused the entire audience to laugh, after saying his new mantra “I don’t know your life, bitch!” He shared his book jacket designs and had stories to go along with each one. Some the author immediately liked, and others utterly despising. His stories became more humorous as he used different voices for each person he imitated. I felt better knowing he still has his designs rejected to this day, yet continues to stay true to his style and work.







Ice Cream: The Sweet History

BFA Graphic Design Thesis Exhibition, Opening Reception

Friday, April 9, 2010

I scream, you scream, we all scream, for ICE CREAM. My thesis reception came and went, and it was an amazing time. Almost everyone in my family was able to come and celebrate my success. It made it special since they were one of the main reasons for choosing the topic of ice cream. My aunt traveled up from Georgia, and even my boyfriend’s parents made the trip from Michigan. I was elated that they were able to join in the celebration. Some other people who attended were my boss, colleagues, peers and professors. It meant a lot to me that these people who have helped me to grow through these past five years, as a designer and person, were able to attend and congratulate me.

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Ice Cream: The Sweet History

The Installation

Sunday, April 4 & Monday, April 5, 2010

After an entire semester of researching, generating ideas, taking photographs, making comps, die cutting, letterpress printing, designing and eating way too much ice cream, I finally installed my thesis exhibition into the SoFA Gallery. I started with painting the pale blue stripes on Sunday, with the help of my boyfriend Aaron. Taping the 2' x 11.5' stripes was perhaps the most difficult, and the painting went rather quickly. Then on Monday, I began hanging the framed broadsides. When I bought the frames, I had an instinct to purchase more than I needed because during install anything can happen. I was sure glad that I did because on Monday, after hanging one of the frames, it fell and shattered. Some things you can prepare for, but others you just have to take them as they come.

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MFA & BFA Graphic Design Area Show

SoFA Gallery

Friday, January 15, 2010

Every year the School of Fine Arts has an area show for each concentration within the school. For the graphic design department, BFA’s and MFA's submit their work made in the past year, and a board chose only 20 BFA works for the show. Lucky for me, five of my design works were chosen. The turn out was great considering it was the first week back from winter break. Painting, ceramics and metals were some of the other areas featured in the show. While I was at the show, I looked at the different spaces, visualizing my thesis and what area would work best. I can't get to set on a space because the design department will also be sharing the gallery with different areas within fine arts. We will be deciding more details about dates for thesis exhibition in the next couple of weeks.

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Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts Holiday Awards

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Last Friday, the School of Fine Arts held their annual Holiday Awards. There were many awards given out to all the different areas within the school; painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, graphic design etc. Before I went to the ceremony, I was aware that I had won two awards, but I was unsure of the details. My good friend Amanda went with me, to take photos and for moral support. The lecture hall was filled with faculty, students, and family members and my nerves were getting the better of me once the ceremony began. The first award I won was The Steven William Wolfe Scholarship in Graphic Design. I was careful when walking across the stage, in front of hundreds of people, not to trip and fall. Once I made it back to my seat, several other area awards were announced. The second award was annnounced that I won, The Indiana Artist Craftsman / Talbot Street Fair Award. I'm very grateful to have been nominated by faculty for the Holiday Awards, and to have been chosen by as the recipent of the scholaship in Graphic Design. The funds from the awards will go to great use next semester once I start to work on my thesis show.

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AIGA Blueprint 09

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Being in school right now, I feel at a loss as to what professional designers are looking for in newly graduated candidates. So I decided to attend AIGA Blueprint, to learn and discover some information about the transition from student to professional. Its funny how taking one Professional Practice class can give such false hope for a few weeks, until the reality sets in, that you really don't have any clue as to what you are doing. There is so much more than a resume and a book that you just can't learn about in school. Its about networking, promotions, websites, goals, and timelines, and so much more. Torry Dawley, the president of AIGA Indy, led the first session. The friend I went with knew Torrey, so we stayed after the first session to talk to him, and were graciously asked to go to lunch. I had so many things I wanted to ask him, since being such a profound professional. I talked to him about my BFA Design thesis, since my interest for the project is environmental and exhibit design. Since our shows are in a gallery space, I feel it’s important to design a space, rather than a work and merely place it in a space. I also mentioned the idea of bringing Paula Scher to IU as another guest lecturer. Torrey also shared in my enthusiasm, and at lunch was ready to call her cell phone. Hopefully we can work together, and bring her to IU before I graduate in May.

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Chris Pullman’s Visit to Indiana University | Monday, November 2, 2009

Chris Pullman’s lecture took place last Sunday, November 1, and it was a great success! The catered food arrived on time, the technology worked, and we had a great turn out, considering it was a Sunday night. It was great to hear from an AIGA Medalist talk about his experiences in design through out his prolific career. He also met with students on Monday, in upper level design classes, and gave one-on-one critiques with many of them. Since he has over 30 years of design experience, he gave great feedback and suggestions to students on how to improve their web and print designs.

Points from his lecture of “A Few Things I’ve Learned”

Work on things that matter

Do it right and on time

Design is a way of thinking

No good thing comes with out constraints

Have high standards

Have a sense of humor

Work with people you like and respect

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2009 College Gold Circle Awards Announced | Thursday, October 29, 2009

Student Press Review

I came into work last Tuesday, at the Indiana Daily Student, where my boss informed me that I had won a couple national awards for ads I had designed in the last year. The awards I won were for "Sperry Trunk Show, Superior Shoes Ad," winning 2nd Place for Single Color Advertisement. My other ad that won was "Free Classified Ad, House Ad," winning 2nd Place for Single Advertisement B&W.















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